• Box Build

    PTH Solutions Inc. offers vertical integration and testing effectively by leveraging our internal sheet metal, machining and cable product lines.  We offer this seamless service to provide customers with single location materials procurement and logistic, flexible manufacturing, lower cost, higher quality, and shorter lead-time.

  • Fiber Optics Cable Assembly

    PTH Solutions Inc. offers virtually every cable and connector type available, from the standard configurations of typical fiber optic networks to the specialty aviation and military grade assemblies that require custom termination and testing procedures.

  • Copper Cable Assembly

    PTH Solutions Inc. offers off-the-shelf and customized cables, complex harnesses, and electro-mechanical interconnects for all industries. The combined cable and machining in-house capabilities is our key valued-add to support customers with faster design and build speed, as well as lower price.

  • Machine and Sheet-metal Parts

    PTH Solutions Inc. offers most demanding needs in machining, assembly and sheet metal fabrication services. Whether the projects involve R&D prototype development or high-volume production and assembly, PTH Solutions Inc. has the experience and technology to meet your needs effectively.

  • Engineering Services

    PTH Solutions Inc. offers local engineering services with global engineering team to provide 24x7 and low cost supports. As your extended engineering team, we cover wide range of engineering functions, Hardware design, PCB layout, simulation and test, Mechanical and Thermal design and simulation, Software development and test, Software QA, regression, and sanity test. We also work closely with our Contract Manufacturing partners to
    provide total design
    turnkey solutions.

PTH Solutions, Inc provides value-added solutions from engineering services to completed products. You

can depend on PTH as your extended team to deliver innovative solutions for fast-time-to-market, quality, and price competitive.


Products & Assembly

Engineering Services



Local presence with global supports for the following functions:

  • PCB ECAD layout and simulation
  • Hardware design and test
  • Mechanical and Thermal design and Test
  • Software development and test
  • Software QA, regression, and sanity test

Markets Served

  • Medical/Life Sciences
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Clean Technology
  • Niche Consumer
  • Communications/Network
  • Government

Products & Assembly